Oral Histories


In the mid-1980s The Monroeville Historical Society conducted a series of Oral History Interviews, under the direction of Dan Nowak. Originally produced on audiotape these interviews were transcribed and are now available in two forms.

The first is an edited and categorized paper titled "Oral History of Monroeville." This version, besides being edited of extraneous conversation is supplemented with notations, tables and maps. [Available as a FREE download in PDF format; Click Here to download].

The second form is the raw transcripts of the actual interviews, as listed below:

  • Aiken, Paul & Madeline w/ Dan Nowak, 24 April 1986. (#MHS-86-5)
  • Aiken, Paul & Madeline w/ Dan Nowak & Paul Damon, 28 April 1986 (#MHS-86-6)
  • Bailey, Edward w/ Dan Nowak, 13 Feb, 1986 (#MHS-86-3)
  • Colbaugh, Jean Winkler w/ Dan & Katherine Nowak, 30 Jan 1986 (#MHS-86-5)
  • Johnston, Floyd w/Lois Lyman, 30 Jan. 1987 (MHS-86-1)
  • Maxwell, Richard & Helen w/Dan Nowak & Lois Alworth, 23 June 1986 (#MHS-86-8)
  • Maxwell, Richard & Helen w/Dan Nowak & Lois Alworth, 23 June 1986 (#MHS-86-9)
  • Mirro, Teresa w/Dan Nowak & Lois Lyman, 5 Feb. 1986 (#MHS-86-2)
  • Scalise, Arlene w/ Dan Nowak, 2 Oct. 1985 (#MHS-85-1)
  • Thompson, Sarah Sylves w/Lois Lyman, 30 Sep. 1986 (#MHS-86-10)
  • Vercelli, Charles w/ Lois Lyman, 11 June 1986, (#MHS-86-7)
  • Winkler, Mary w/ Dan & Katherine Nowak, 3 March 1986 (#MHS-86-4)

Additionally, electronic versions of the audio recording exist. However, due to legal considerations, these are available only to the interview subjects or their heirs.

Further information on format and content is available by contacting Dan Nowak at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.